1. A place of psychological healing.
  2. A process of being guided through the vale (valley) by employing various personalized healing modalities such as talk therapy, somatic practices, EMDR, DBT, virtual reality, tapping and animal assisted therapies. 

It's Different Here

Therapy, Counseling and Psychological Testing

So you’ve decided to make a change, and now you are here, looking for solutions- and Unvaled Psychological can help.

We are not your typical preconceived idea of therapy. Our team provides counseling, psychological testing, and other psychological interventions that treat the underlying issues of your problem. Together we are going to do the most important work that you will ever do, helping you to move past your suffering, find lasting relief, and start living your best life.

Unvaled offers quality, specialized therapies (ie., somatic therapy, trauma therapy, EMDR, DBT, CBT and neurofeedback), and other in-depth psychological services (psychological testing), in a safe and comfortable setting, to as many individuals as are willing to show up for themselves, roll up their sleeves and dive into the intensive work of healing.  Unvaled was built on the foundation of profound respect for others, authenticity, and genuine care for patients. At Unvaled, treatment is dynamic and tailored to fit everyone’s unique set of needs.

What We Address

People come to Unvaled for a variety of reasons from depression, trauma, mood disturbances, relationship concerns, life changes and burnout.

How We Help

Unvaled utilizes treatment based on research and scientific studies that has been shown to be effective for the specific difficulty that you are seeking help for.

Affirming Care

We understand the needs of marginalized populations and are particularly suited for working with LGBTQ+ individuals and those in need of gender affirming care. 

Committed to healing

About Us

Our staff includes licensed clinical practitioners in counseling and clinical psychology, in addition to students in training who are under supervision. The clinicians at Unvaled Psychological are highly qualified professionals in the fields of clinical psychology, health psychology, trauma, counseling, mentorship, mind-body therapies, cognitive therapies and psychological testing.  All Unvaled clinicians are comfortable working with issues such as anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome, family and relationship distress, hostility, trauma, and academic concerns, among others.

Celebrating Diversity

Our Clinicians

The clinicians at Unvaled Psychological have a diverse mindset with regard to race, ethnicity, country of origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, age, languages spoken, professional discipline, and intervention approaches that all contribute to providing excellent mental health services. Our clinicians are active in many ways in their contributions to continuing the profession of counseling and clinical psychology both regionally and nationally.

Dr. Shannon “Libby” Cutshall, PhD., LCP

Licensed Clinical Psychologist she, her, hers

Dr. Cutshall has extensive experience working with diverse populations in various clinical settings. Her clinical experience has encompassed many psychotherapy treatment modalities as well as expertise in psychological testing, achievement testing and forensic assessments for both children and adults.

Credentials and Specializations

Dr. Cutshall is a highly respected clinical psychologist. She is dually licensed in the state of Virginia with a master’s degree in counseling and a master’s degree in clinical psychology and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a focus on trauma and forensic psychology.

Through therapeutic partnership, Dr. Cutshall supports individuals, as they navigate their personal and collective paths across the trials of life by delicately exploring different factors of an individual’s lived experiences such as:

Dr. Caitlyn Laux Treadway, Psy.D.

Professional Psychologist she, her, hers

Dr. Treadway is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in trauma and early life development. As a Professional Psychologist has a broad scope of experience working within varied modalities and clinical settings.

While she strongly values evidence-based practice, she also recognizes the diversity and life experience complexities each individual patient that seeks out treatment brings to the experience. Dr. Treadway’s approach is collaborative, ideally working together on treatment plans and identifying goals, while integrating individualized strengths.

Credentials and Specializations

Dr. Caitlyn also spearheads group therapy initiatives, covering topics such as trauma, chronic pain, and interpersonal skills development. Fully understanding the importance of individualizing treatment, she tailors her approach to suit the patient’s needs and goals.

She adeptly incorporates diverse life experiences into treatment, such as:

Dr. Kayla Costello, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist she, her, hers

Dr. Kayla Costello is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology who specializes in trauma and women’s health. She has extensive experience working in various clinical settings such as medical centers, community mental health clinics, university counseling centers, and crisis teams.

Dr. Costello’s research and clinical effort has largely focused on supporting survivors of sexual assault victimization. Her research has focused on identifying risk factors for revictimization and contributors to worsened outcomes to better inform treatment.

Credentials and Specializations

Dr. Costello’s experience has encompassed a wide array of modalities and diagnostic presentations, as well as delivering psychological assessments, neurocognitive testing for adolescents and adults and implementing group therapy.

Dr. Costello’s expertise has focused on a breadth of issues, such as:

Dr. Amanda Cary, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist she, her, hers

Amanda Cary, PsyD is a clinical health psychologist who specializes in coping with chronic illness and empowering health behavior change. She earned her doctorate at Regent University in 2022 and went on to post-doctoral training specializing in health psychology.

Her primary clinical interest is chronic disease management, and she has become well-versed in addressing a wide array of conditions including:

The psychotherapy that she delivers is firmly driven by evidence-based practices and empirically supported interventions. Her theoretical orientation is cognitive behavioral, coupled with motivational interviewing approaches, emotion-focused perspectives, strengths-based techniques, and acceptance and commitment (ACT) strategies.

Dr. Cary deeply cares for the support, training and development of future providers. She is passionate about teaching, supervision and training being a core value of her professional identity.

Brian, CCO

Chief Canine Officer Certified Therapy Dog

Brian is an AKC registered English Black Lab who has already served thousands of client hours. Brian comes to work every day (except when he decides to take a vacation day to maintain a good work/life balance) at Unvaled Psychological and has made an incredible difference in the lives of so many of our clients.

Brian’s official title is Chief Canine Officer and his main job deliverable is measured in smiles. He serves with excellence at the pleasure of every person he comes in contact with.

Effective, Empathetic, Evidence-Based

Therapeutic Services

At Unvaled Psychological we offer a wide range of professional therapy options designed to help you learn the skills to develop stronger relationships, set healthy boundaries and cultivate your emotional resilience while you overcome trauma, improve your mental health, and gain control over your life.

We’re highly experienced in delivering effective, evidence-based treatments across various industries. Allow us to guide you on your journey toward healing and thriving every step of the way.

Trauma Therapies

Trauma therapies encompass various approaches aimed at addressing and healing psychological wounds caused by past traumatic experiences.

Behavior Therapies

evidence-based techniques to modify and improve maladaptive behaviors and thought patterns, fostering positive change and improved mental well-being.

Somatic & Mind-Body

A focus on integrating the mind-body connection through techniques that address bodily sensations and movement.

Virtual Reality Therapy

Using VR technology to create immersive environments for therapeutic purposes, facilitating the treatment of various mental health conditions and phobias in a safe environment.

Animal Assisted Therapy

The use of trained animals to support and enhance traditional therapeutic approaches, promoting emotional, physical, and social well-being. Led by Brian, our CCO.

Chronic Pain

Offering a series of interventions to effectively manage and alleviate persistent pain, enhancing quality of life for individuals living with chronic pain conditions.

Imposter Syndrome

Providing tailored strategies and support to help individuals overcome feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, fostering confidence and self-acceptance in both personal and professional pursuits.

Adult ADHD

Personalized interventions and coping strategies to manage symptoms such as impulsivity, inattention, and hyperactivity, empowering individuals to navigate their daily challenges.

LGBTQIA+ & Gender Affirming

Compassionate support and tailored interventions to individuals exploring gender identity, assisting them in navigating the process of self-discovery, transition, and affirmation in alignment with their authentic selves.

Testing Services

Psychological assessments are helpful for finding answers to diagnostic questions that can be difficult to answer from observations or talk therapy alone. Assessments enrich the therapeutic process, can clarify medical diagnoses, and can better individualize academic needs. Your unique medical, family, and emotional history are used to develop a comprehensive and individualized assessment that can be used to:

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