Expert Witnessing and Consultation

Duty Assessment and Evaluations

Dr. Cutshall has been qualified as an expert in various jurisdictions in Virginia and has experience conducting a wide variety of forensic assessments including parental capacity, psychosexual, competency and fitness for duty evaluations. Dr. Cutshall provides extensive services for civil and criminal litigation on a very limited bases, as forensic services require substantial time dedicated to assessment and information gathering.

Expert Witness in Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology expert witnesses are helpful for performing independent medical examinations for cases involving severe emotional distress secondary to traumatic experiences including sexual assault, domestic abuse, violence, human trafficking, loss and grief, trauma from brain injuries, etc. Clinical psychologists can also discuss the standards of care for inpatient mental health treatment, perform pain and suffering evaluations, and assess suicide-risk.
Dr. Cutshall is well-versed on the issues of domestic violence, how domestic violence appears specific to a perpetrator versus a victim, and how this abuse continues into the Family Court system. She is passionate about continuing education and research in these areas in order to present factual and current information to educate court staff, judges, attorneys, and Guardian ad Litem about the psychological and legal intricacies of interpersonal violence, domestic violence and its effects on victims and children in today’s family courts.

It is critical to Dr. Cutshall that every effort be employed to stop the ongoing trends against victims of domestic violence and protect children from custody reversals from the protective parent to the perpetrator of abuse.

Fee Structure and Commitment to Impartiality

Forensic assessments and expert witness testimony services are not covered by insurance. Out of pocket fees will be discussed following the initial diagnostic interview. Fees are contingent on the complexities of the case and number of hours expected to complete the evaluation.

Please note, that regardless of the source of fees or referral conclusions will be offered in an unbiased, ethical, and professional manner. The conclusions and recommendations that result may not always support the outcome which was anticipated or desired by all parties.

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