Forensic Assessment

Court-Appointed Forensic Psychologists

Forensic Psychology is concerned with understanding mental health issues and how they impact the legal system. At Unvaled Psychological our mission in our forensic cases is to ensure that each case is carefully evaluated to identify each and every way in which mental health issues intersect with the legal system. Our forensic psychologists consult with prosecution/plaintiff as well as defense and we are often Court-appointed as independent experts on the case.

Competency to Stand Trial

This evaluation determines whether a defendant has the mental capacity to understand the nature and objectives of the court proceedings and can effectively assist in their own defense. It assesses their current cognitive and psychological state rather than their condition at the time of the offense.

Sanity/Mental State at Time of Offense

This assessment focuses on the defendant’s mental state at the time the alleged crime was committed. It aims to determine if the defendant was legally insane and therefore unable to understand the nature or wrongfulness of their actions due to a severe mental disorder.

Risk/Recidivism Assessments

These evaluations estimate the likelihood that an individual will commit future crimes. They use various tools and measures to assess factors such as past behavior, personality traits, and environmental influences to predict potential risks.

Custody Evaluations

Conducted in family law cases, these evaluations assess the psychological well-being of children and parents to make recommendations about custody arrangements. They aim to determine the best interests of the child regarding living arrangements, parental responsibilities, and visitation schedules.

Dependency Evaluations

These assessments are used in cases where child protective services are involved. They evaluate the family dynamics, parenting capabilities, and any issues of abuse or neglect to make recommendations for child placement, services, or interventions needed to ensure the child’s safety and well-being.

Forensic Focused Psychological Evaluations

These comprehensive assessments are conducted by psychologists to address specific legal questions, such as the defendant’s mental health, cognitive abilities, and behavior patterns, in relation to their involvement in legal proceedings. They provide insights that can impact court decisions.

Forensic Focused Neuropsychological Evaluations

These evaluations involve a detailed assessment of a person’s cognitive functions, such as memory, attention, and problem-solving abilities, in the context of legal cases. They are often used to determine the impact of brain injuries or neurological disorders on behavior and decision-making relevant to legal issues.

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