Testing Services

Outcome-Focused Psychological Testing

At Unvaled Psychological we offer assessments for the purposes of diagnostic clarification, for treatment planning, and for educational/occupational related concerns. At Unvaled Psychological all assessment batteries are uniquely designed utilizing a variety of tests to best identify the needs of the patient as posed by the initial referral question. Not all assessments are covered by insurance and all out of pocket costs will be discussed with you during your initial diagnostic interview.

What to Expect

Psychological testing is a three-part process that typically goes as follows:

First you will meet with the psychologist for a diagnostic interview to discuss your history and reasons for seeking testing. If you are a parent or guardian seeking testing services for a child; you and your child (if over the age of 10) would meet with the psychologist together to discuss your reasons for seeking testing for your child.

Next, you and/or your child will come in for the testing appointment. These are typically scheduled n three-hour blocks; however, on occasion testing will require two sessions. Parents are required to remain in the waiting room for the duration of testing.

Lastly, during the feedback session the psychologist will discuss with you the results from your testing. You will be given a comprehensive report that will include recommendations to assist you in your healing.

Cognitive Tests

Cognitive functioning is the intellectual activity that includes mental processes, such as, attention, processing speed, learning and memory, executive function, verbal fluency, and working memory.

Executive Tests

Executive functioning is a set of mental skills that help you get things done. Executive function helps you: organize, plan, prioritize, and pay attention.

Adaptive Tests

Adaptive refers to the skills (conceptual, social, and practical) that a person has to handle in everyday life.

Neuropsychological Tests

These tests evaluate specifically designed tasks used to measure a psychological function known to be linked to a particular brain structure or pathway.

Personality Tests

These tests measure personality traits and styles in order to help structure and inform psychological interventions.

Achievement Tests

Achievement tests measure skills and knowledge learned in a given grade level, usually through planned instruction, such as training or classroom instruction.

Uses for Psychological Testing

Psychological assessments are helpful for finding answers to diagnostic questions that can be difficult to answer from observations or talk therapy alone. Assessments enrich the therapeutic process, can clarify medical diagnoses, and can better individualize academic needs. Your unique medical, family, and emotional history are used to develop a comprehensive and individualized assessment that can be used to:

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