Training, Public Speaking, and Consultation

Clinical Psychology Training

Dr. Cutshall offers training for individual clinicians, private practices, agencies and organizations on trauma informed education to facilitate the creation of Trauma Educated Safe Spaces (TESS). The TESS competency training will provide a customized trauma educated, culturally-responsive training program to private practices, agencies, and organizations seeking greater understanding and support of people who have undergone varying traumatic experiences. Becoming a TESS certified space will inform people that are currently affected by trauma that they will be less likely to be exposed to PTSD triggers in your facility/practice.

Public Speaking & Webinars

Through her profound expertise and personal triumphs, Dr. Cutshall offers a unique blend of scientific rigor, heartfelt wisdom, and captivating storytelling. Whether in intimate settings, large conferences, or webinars, her ability to connect deeply with her audience ensures that every encounter is impactful and memorable.

Dr. Cutshall is dynamic, engaging and warm. She captivates the audience through real-life examples and humor, as much as through scientific knowledge and day-to-day wisdom.
Dr. Cutshall is versatile to every setting and crowd. She tailors each presentation or event to the venue and topic at hand. Without a doubt, her Trauma Educational Intervention applies to all aspects of life—personal or professional, private or corporate.
Dr. Cutshall knows her stuff. She has both a Master of Arts in Counseling, Master of Science in Clinical Psychology and Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology. Paired with a life of personal experience, she can offer real-life commentary to solve real-life problems.
Dr. Cutshall has a passion for her work. The quote, If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it, is Dr. Cutshall’s favorite quote. She thrives on teaching others in order to shine the collective light of oneness to the world.
Dr. Cutshall is a masterful storyteller. She weaves her knowledge with compelling narratives, making complex concepts accessible. Her ability to articulate the intricacies of trauma and healing leaves a lasting impression on her audience, inspiring change and understanding.
Dr. Cutshall touches the soul. Few people understand the dynamics of trauma better than Dr. Cutshall. Her positivity, hope and strength is living proof that she can both live and teach various topics that she is passionate about.
Dr. Cutshall’s experience speaks for itself. Many have said that Dr. Cutshall has experienced enough for many lifetimes, having crawled out of the depths of a brutally abusive childhood and subsequent violent marriage, she rose from the ashes to pursue her education and help others. She owns her own private practice and published her dissertation on educating new mental health professionals in trauma, not to mention her continual dedication to her own personal growth and evolution. She practices what she preaches and is willing to tell about it—the good, the bad, and the ugly—if it helps others to thrive and evolve.

Consultation Services

Consultation services for forensic purposes are also available to examine an individual, or evaluate a case, to identify ways in which an assessment for one or more parties may prove beneficial.

Dr. Cutshall’s practice is becoming increasingly specialized in the areas of domestic violence, family courts, high conflict custody cases, and child abuse. She works with a number of attorneys in North Carolina and Virginia and is sought after for consultations in difficult cases.

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